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HTTPS Youtube via Mozilla Firefox

I had a weird issue in Firefox where any Youtube link redirected to HTTPS. I thought initially it was the site that was doing it – but this article suggested Firefox was the problem:

Now for most cases this would be a good security feature – but the problem with HTTPS is that it masks the HTTP URL from a Proxy Server that may want to inspect or log every web page visited.

Its detailed here: HTTP Strict Transport Security (or ForceTLS).

It turned out the fix was to open Firefox History and make Firefox “Forget About This Site”


The other alternative is to do a “man in the Middle” inspection of the HTTPS connection on the Proxy Server – but this requires issuing all clients with the Proxy server’s Certificate as a trusted Certificate Authority.

Riverbed Cascade Pilot: Cooool !!!

Got Network Performance Problems?

Riverbed Cascade Pilot is a must have tool for those interested in troubleshooting via Packet Capture.

Screenshot 2014-03-11 22.26.46

IP con

It improves and aids Wireshark use by opening multi GB pcap files with ease – and supports full drill down capability from one chart to another before digging in deeper with “Send to Wireshark”.

Also use with the “Shark” Appliance – (VM or physical) for even richer permanent on network capture & reporting.

Screenshot 2014-03-11 22.52.02