Dahlia Decorative Akita

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A Pack of 3 bulbs bought and planted into 3 separate pots.

The Last Dahlia I planted weren’t sucessful – I now know why – i planted them too deep – you need to plant with the stump showing.



Dahlia ‘Akita’ is a branching, tuberous tender perennial cultivar with large chrysanthemum petals in shades of dark crimson to red, blending to yellow toward the heart. Their tips are white on the underside. The flowers are as large as 5 in. wide (13 cm). This Dahlia belongs to the Novelty Fully Double classification and has won over 60 awards.

As with all dahlias, this plant flowers from July until the first frosts of fall. Frost blackens its foliage, and its tubers need to be overwintered in a dry, frost-free place

Where I planted

Currently I have planted in 3 large plastic terracotta coloured pots.

Further Info

General info here: Dave’s Garden

Things to Remember

  • Water thoroughly after planting and during prolonged dry weather
  • After the first nights frost in Autumn the bulbs should be lifted from the soil and stored over winter in a cool and frost free place
  • Pinch excess buds and deadhead for more and larger blooms,
  • water well during growing season, especially when grown in containers.
  • Excellent for cut flowers
  • Looks good with Rudbeckia
  • Be prepared to stake this one well and I tied up the flowers as they are heavy and some droop.