Junos Pulse Secure Access Service Release 8.0

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Junos Pulse Secure Access

8.0R1.0 Released: 2nd Dec 2013

Current version (as of this post): 8.0R2.0: 17th Feb 2014

JTAC Recommended release for this product is still: 7.4R8.0

Full Documentation here

Whats New Guide here

Executive Summary
Juniper announces new partnerships with leading mobile device
management (MDM) companies AirWatch and MobileIron as well
as new releases of Juniper Networks® Junos® Pulse Access Control
Service v5.0 and Junos Pulse Secure Access Service 8.0 products.
This update focuses on making Juniper’s industry-leading mobile
connectivity security suite more open and easier to deploy, offering
customers a better Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solution.
What’s New
Juniper announces multiple updates and partnerships that solve
customers’ growing security problems as well as ease deployment
and management concerns in the BYOD space.
• Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application
Management (MAM) vendor integration with AirWatch and
MobileIron makes BYOD solutions smarter and simpler to manage.
— Leverages a rich set of policy metrics from MDM/MAM solutions
— Enables more granular policy controls in the Junos Pulse Access
Control Service
— Augments existing network and device-level controls
— Provides easy no-touch SSL VPN client provisioning through
MDM/MAM partners
— Improves operational visibility and security through
consolidated management dashboards
• New Pulse AppConnect per-app VPN for iOS7 and Android devices
secures and separates corporate and private communications.
— Supplements application containerization with transparent and
secure per-application connectivity
— Enables IT to develop in-house completely private and secure
• Junos Pulse Access Control service v5.0 and Junos Pulse Secure
Access Service v8.0 extends platform coverage and increases
performance and ease of use
— New Windows 8.1, Windows RT, WES 7, Mavericks, iOS 7 extend
client support
— In Box support for 8.1 and Windows RT. No client download
— New KVM support increases flexibility and support for any IT
— RSA soft token support for mobile directly connects users to
private networks
— Junos Pulse Client customization offers a better end-user