Love of Sweet Peas

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I first came across these flowers when seeing another gardener buying some plants at B&Q (May 2013) – and I asked him what to grow and he mentioned Sweet Peas. What a joy these flowers are – and long lasting if you keep removing the seeds. I subsequently bought them from B&Q and planted. Then came a Love of Sweet Peas.

Sweet Peas Geranium

Sweet Peas Summer Scent Mix


Swett Peas Tray

The following year I decided to try from seed and had great success. The below Sweet Peas were bought in April and the photos were taken in July.

Sweet Peas 1

Sweet Peas 2

Sweet Peas 3

Sweet Peas 7

Sweet Peas 4

Sweet Peas 5

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Things to Remember

  • You can sew them in Autumn as well as Spring
  • Before you sew them you can put the seeds in tepid water overnight
  • In a 10cm pot you can put 5 seeds
  • Once produces first side shoots you can cut of just above those leaves to produce a bushier & robust plant with more flowers
  • Once your sweet peas are growing well and the main risk of frost has passed, you can pop them outside to acclimatise them to outdoor conditions for a week or so before planting them out.
  • Keep them well watered as dry soil can make them go to seed much quicker
  • The more you cut off flowers the more flowers will be produced
  • Remove any faded flowers or seed pods as soon as possible to encourage more blooms to be produced