Morrisons Camellia Red Shrub

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Another Shrub from Morrison’s

New Plant: Camellia Red just planted in a big pot – we will see How it does God willing. As mine has larger size leaves it’s a Japonica.

Photos at time of purchase

Camellia Red  Camellia Red


Camellias are found in eastern and southern Asia, from the Himalayas east to Japan and Indonesia. They need an acidic soil – ericaceous, or lime-free compost.

Where I planted

Currently I have replanted in a larger pot to the one shown.

More Info

Further info here suggests to avoid using tap water (as contains too much lime) and instead to use rain water (i.e. from Water Butt) : Gardeners World.

Also Video here on how to deal with problems & pests: Gardeners World.

More detailed info here: Todays Homeowner and this RHS article