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Muslim 99 Names for God the Creator

The beautiful and perfect names of Allaah

Muslims do not refer to God by the name God – but it’s sometimes used when talking in English referring to God the Creator – rather than a God of this or that – from other Religions.

Muslims believe in 1 God – who created and sustains and has power over creation and to who we will return.

There is a famous saying of the Prophet Muhammad – Peace be upon him – which states that Allah has 99 names. These names are found in the Quran and the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (Sunnah) – Peace be upon him.

01. الله Allaah
02. الأحَد Al-Ahad     The Unique
03. الأعْلَى Al-A’laa     The Most High
04. الأكْرَم Al-Akram     The Most Generous
05. الإله Al-ilaah     The One Who Alone Deserves to be Worshipped
06. الأوَّل Al-Awwal     The First
07. الآخِر Al-Aakhir     The Last
08. الظاهِر az-Zaahir     The Uppermost One
09. البَاطِن Al-Baatin     The Innermost One
10. البارِئ Al-Baari     The Originator
11. البَرّ Al-Barr     The Most Benign and Kind
12. البَصِير Al-Baseer     The All Seeing
13. التَّوَّاب At-Tawwaab     Guider to Repent and Accepter of Repentance
14. الجَبَّار Al-Jabbaar     The Exalted and All Mighty Compeller
15. الحافِظ Al-Haafiz     The Protector
16. الحَسِيب Al-Haseeb     The Reckoner Who Suffices
17. الحَفِيظ Al-Hafeez     The Guardian
18. الحَفِيُّ Al-Hafee     The Benevolent
19. الحقّ Al-Haqq     The True One
20. المُبِين Al-Mubeen     The Clear and Manifest One
21. الحَكِيم Al-Hakeem     The One Fully Wise
22. الحَلِيم Al-Haleem     The Forbearing
23. الحَمِيد Al-Hameed     The One Who is Deservedly Praised
24. الحَيّ Al-Hayy     The Ever Living
25. القَيُّوم Al-Qayyoom     The Self Subsisting One Upon Whom Everything Depends
26. الخَبِير Al-Khabeer     The Fully Aware
27. الخَالِق Al-Khaaliq     The Creator and Maker of Everything
28. الخَلاّق Al-Khallaaq     The Creator Who Creates Again and Again
29. الرَّؤُوف Ar-Ra’oof     The Compassionate and Kind
30. الرَّحْمَان Ar-Rahmaan     The Extremely Merciful
31. الرَّحِيم Ar-Raheem     The Bestower of Mercy
32. الرَّزَّاق Ar-Razzaaq     The Great Provider
33. الرَّقِيب Ar-Raqeeb     The Ever Watchful Guardian
34. السّلام As-Salaam     The Impeccable One or the Flawless One
35. السَّمِيع As-Samee’     The All Hearing
36. الشَاكِر Ash-Shaakir     The Appreciative
37. الشَّكُور Ash-Shakoor     The One Most Ready to Appreciate and Reward Abundantly
38. الشَّهِيد Ash-Shaheed     The Witness
39. الصَّمَد As-Samad     The Perfect Lord and Master Upon Whom All of the Creation Depends
40. العَالِم Al-‘Aalim     The All Knower of the Seen and the Unseen
41. العَزِيز Al-‘Azeez     The All Mighty or the Invincible
42. العَظِيم Al-‘Azeem     The Tremendous One or the Magnificent
43. العَفُوّ Al-‘Afuww     The One Who Pardons Again and Again
44. العَلِيم Al-‘Aleem     The All Knowing
45. العَلِيّ Al-‘Aliyy     The Exalted
46. الغَفَّار Al-Ghaffaar     The Oft-Forgiving
47. الغَفُور Al-Ghafoor     The One Who Forgives Extensively
48. الغَنِيّ Al-Ghaniyy     The Independent One Who is Free of All Needs
49. الفَتَّاح Al-Fattaah     The Judge and Opener Who Distinguishes the Truth from Falsehood
50. القَادِر Al-Qaadir     The Fully Able One
51. القَاهِر Al-Qaahir     The Invincible Subduer
52. القُدُّوس Al-Quddoos     The Pure and Perfect
53. القَدِير Al-Qadeer     The All Powerful
54. القَرِيب Al-Qareeb     The One Who is Near
55. القَوِيّ Al-Qawiyy     The One Perfect in Strength
56. القَهَّار Al-Qahhaar     The Overwhelming Subduer Who is Never Overcome
57. الكَبِير Al-Kabeer     The Incomparably Great
58. الكَرِيم Al-Kareem     The Bountiful, the Generous One Abundant in Good
59. اللَّطِيف Al-Lateef     The Subtle and Kind
60. المُؤمِن Al-Mu’min     The True and Trustworthy, the Granter of Security
61. المُتَعَالِي Al-Muta’aalee     The Supreme and Exalted One
62. المُتَكَبِّر Al-Mutakabbir     The One Supreme in Glory, the Justly and Rightfully Proud
63. المَتِين Al-Mateen     The Strong
64. المُجِيب Al-Mujeeb     The Responsive
65. المَجِيد Al-Majeed     The One Perfect in Glory and Honour
66. المُحِيط Al-Muheet     The All Encompassing
67. المُصَوِّر Al-Musawwir     The Bestower of Forms
68. المُقْتَدِر Al-Muqtadir     The Omnipotent
69. المُقِيت Al-Muqeet     The All Powerful Maintainer
70. المَلِك Al-Malik     The King
71. المَلِيك Al-Maleek     The Omnipotent Sovereign
72. المَولَى Al-Mawlaa     The Patron Lord or the Master and Supporter
73. المُهَيْمِن Al-Muhaymin     The Trustworthy and Ever Watchful Witness
74. النَّصِير An-Naseer     The Helper
75. الوَاحِد Al-Waahid     The One and Only
76. الوَارِث Al-Waarith     The Inheritor
77. الوَاسِع Al-Waasi’     The Vast One
78. الوَدُود Al-Wadood     The Loving One and the Beloved One
79. الوَكِيل Al-Wakeel     The Trustworthy Disposer of Affairs
80. الوَلِيّ Al-Waliyy     The Guardian Lord
81. الوَهَّاب Al-Wahhaab     The Bestower

From the Authentic Sunnah (Narrations of the Prophet Muhammad):-
82. الجَمِيل Al-Jameel     The Beautiful One
83. الجَوَاد Al-Jawaad     The Munificent
84. الحَكَم Al-Hakam     The Judge
85. الحَيِّي Al-Hayyiyy     The One who possesses honourable shame
86. الرَّبّ Ar-Rabb     The Lord and Nurturer
87. الرَّفِيق Ar-Rafeeq     The Gentle
88. السُّبُّوح As-Subbooh     The Venerated and Perfect
89. السَّيِّد As-Sayyid     The Lord and Master
90. الشَّافِي Ash-Shaafee     The One Who Cures
91. الطَّيِّب At-Tayyib     The Pure One
92. القابِض Al-Qaabid     The Withholder
93. البَاسِط Al-Baasit     The Granter of Ample Provision
94. المُقَدِّم Al-Muqaddim     The One Who Gives Precedence
95. المُؤَخِّر Al-Mu’akhkhir     The One Who Puts Back
96. المُحْسِن Al-Muhsin     Who Acts in a Good and Fine Manner
97. المُعْطِي Al-Mu’tee     The Giver
98. المَنَّان Al-Mannaan     The Beneficent Bestower of Bounties
99. الوِتْر Al-Witr     The One

From the book: Al-Qawaa’id al-Muthlaa:

Sheikh Uthaymeen (May Allaah have Mercy on him) said:

I have gathered ninety-nine names that are clear to me from the book of Allaah (the Quran) and from the authentic Sunnah (narrations) of the prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم .

List of 99 Names – By Dawood Burbank [PDF] – 99 names Al-Qawaa’id al-Muthlaa