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Daesh/Dash/ISIS/ISIL/IS-What a simple name change will do


After the Paris terrorist attacks, 
Secretary of State John Kerry and 
President Barack Obama joined 
French President Francois Holland 
in calling the Islamic State 
militant group “Daesh.”
At a press conference today, 
President Obama returned to using 
the term “ISIL” (Islamic State of 
Iraq and the Levant), which is a 
variation of ISIS (Islamic State of 
Iraq and Syria).
Here & Now’s Indira Lakshmanan 
talks with Abderrahim Foukara of  
Al Jazeera about these  different 
names, their roots and the politics 
behind them.
 In the words of Simon Collis, 
the British Ambassador to Iraq: 
“Arabic speakers spit out the 
name Da’ish with different 
mixtures of contempt, ridicule 
and hostility. Da’ish is always 
negative.” It’s certainly entered 
the ever-adaptive Arabic language 
big time: in the plural form – 
“daw’aish” – it means bigots who 
impose their views on others.


Its not “Islamic”, its not a “State”

Every Muslim loves Islam\Islamic in a name – just like they love the beautiful true religion of Islam (or pronounced Islaam – but that’s another story).

But what about the Evil group of Syria:

  • France is calling it “Daesh”
  • Turkey is calling it “Daesh”
  • The Middle Eastern Countries call it “Daesh”
  • John Kerry (Us secretary of State) pronounces it “Dash”
  • The Kurds pronounce it as “Dash”
  • The Scottish SNP Government also calls it “Daesh” here
  • The Guardian sets the story nicely here


  • The BBC refuses to call it “Daesh” as shown here

The “Daesh” name HUMILIATES
and clarifies “their” evil.

To Everyone, Everywhere:

Please, Please, Please! Change the name – otherwise Muslims are going to become the next holocaust victims – for crimes they didn’t commit.


The Simple,
“Stay at Home”,
“Go to Work & Mosque”,
“Fit in to Society” ,
“Have Pity on the Victims of France and elsewhere”,

Are 95 % of Terrorism Victims Muslim?

Are most victims of terrorism Muslim?

in a 2011 report by the US government’s National Counter-Terrorism Center (NCTC), which said: “In cases where the religious affiliation of terrorism casualties could be determined, Muslims suffered between 82 and 97% of terrorism-related fatalities over the past five years.”


The Global Terrorism Database (GTD) at the University of Maryland, does still compile terrorism statistics – but it doesn’t attempt to determine the religion of people killed or injured. To do so would be “very difficult” says the GTD’s Erin Miller………So while she doubts that 95% of terrorism victims are Muslim, she thinks the truth might not be far off.

“It’s not out of the realm of possibility, given the extreme concentration of attacks in majority-Muslim countries,” Miller says.

Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-30883058