Web: 1&1 with WordPress: Build yourself a website

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I finally picked the inspiration to make myself a Blog/Website – and the foundation of it is built using WordPress with the default “Twenty Fourteen” theme.


I can not believe how easy it is to setup and also how easy it is to find a plugin that will change the basic functionality as well as ones that do lots of clever stuff.

You will need plugins – as the default setup is a flawed beauty.

My hosting provider is 1&1 – and I really like the way they have setup their site with an individual Control Panel to help with file transfer and other tasks.

Screenshot 2014-03-22 06.26.18This Blog is definitely a Work in Progress – but I enjoy tweaking it 🙂

To get up the Search rankings you will also need a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plugin – and I use Yoast