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A checklist for compliance for non profit Charities

A checklist for compliance

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The five key areas of compliance for nonprofit organisations are:

  1. as a charity: compliance with your governing document
  2. as a charity: compliance with the Charity Act and the Companies Act (see more about charity law)
  3. as an employer: compliance with employment legislation
  4. as an organisation: compliance with essential policies such as data protection and health and safety
  5. as a fundraiser or when accepting funding: compliance with fundraising law.

One Mosque: One Appeal: Bread for the Syrian Refugees

The Community >>>> £895,000 >>> Green Lane Masjid>>> Human Appeal >>> Syrian Refugees

£895,000 donated to Human Appeal used to provide 3000 Tonnes of flour which will provide 18 Million meals to Syrian refugees.

Remember charity does not decrease wealth!

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