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Researchers suspect NSA as FBI probes Juniper back door vulnerability

Some are suggesting American Secret ServiceĀ  has created a backdoor in an American vendors products – popularly installed in American government offices for connections to the Internet.

Not only that but the devices themselves affected – are supposed to be security devices – is the state now at threat from this hack?

As CRN states….”Just shy of a week after Juniper revealed vulnerabilities in its firewall operating system, partners said a document saying that the NSA exploited the flaws to gain backdoor access to VPN connections has them concerned. The document, provided by whistleblower Edward Snowden and published Wednesday by The Intercept, indicates that the NSA has cooperated with British counterpart GCHQ to exploit vulnerabilities in Juniper NetScreen firewall devices running the ScreenOS operating system.”

The tech World is astounded!

nsa offices
nsa offices

Further Information here

The equipment in question is coomonly known as Netscreen or ScreenOS firewalls of the SSG ISG range



How speaking up can save lives

Bosses in all fields can make mistakes. And while junior staff may always feel uncomfortable pointing them out, in some areas failing to do so could cost lives.

  • “I am concerned.
  • I am uncomfortable.
  • This is unsafe.
  • Or we need to stop.

And I think no matter what position you are in the pecking order, to ignore those four trigger words would be very very difficult.”

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